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Helping People Through Tough Family Law

Our Practice Areas of Family Law


When you know it is time to move on, we will help you navigate through the rough times and get your life back on track.


Deciding the custody of a child is very difficult. We work to make it easier and get you the outcome you’re searching for.


We can make the adoption process smoother and help you get back to the important thing-taking care of your family.

Orders of Protection

An order of protection is sometimes necessary with abuse or harassment. We’ll help you get back your sense of security.

Neglect Cases

Neglect can often be harmful to the development of the child. We ensure they are safe and in the best possible situation.


Divorce is never easy. However, mediation with the right council can make the process easier and avoid the need for court.

About the Firm

We know that any family law dispute, whether divorce or separation, conflict related to custody, child support, domestic violence, or neglect can cause stress and anxiety. While experiencing these conflicts, it can be difficult to keep feelings in perspective, especially when day-to-day issues interfere with a final resolution. This is why family law attorney in Huntington, Thomas McNally, is here to support you. Ensuring that your perspective provides the best outcome for everyone is the most important aspect of our practice.

We Have Your Back

As a family law firm in Huntington, it is our job to consider your well-being in its entirety, your future, and including but not limited to, your financial well-being and relationship with your family.


As an attorney with over 15 years of experience, Thomas McNally works hands-on with each of his clients, often personally attending to all aspects of case management from client intake, consultation, settlement negotiations and preparation of agreements, to trial preparation, trial motions and oral arguments. With a strong focus on family and matrimonial law, Thomas is well-equipped to help you in reaching divorce, custody, and child support agreements. In instances where settlements could not be reached, Thomas has conducted numerous trials and hearings obtaining successful results for his clients. Thomas and his team work together on each case to ensure you receive respect, personal attention, and caring service. It is his intention to serve you with the utmost care, and remain aware of your need to be informed as your matter progresses.

Complimentary Initial Consultation

In order to help you get back on track as effectively as possible, we offer a complimentary initial consultation. During this consultation we will help you understand your options and explain how we would resolve your particular circumstance. We believe open communication is very important each step of the way.

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