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Only Helping Clients With Family Law

Our law firm only serves clients who need help with family law. As a family law attorney in Huntington, Thomas knows how heavy and sensitive family law can be. This is why him and his team focus their attention on only family law disputes. We have found that specializing in family law helps bring better results for our clients.

We help our clients with divorce, separation, mediation, custody battles, orders of protection, child support, and child neglect cases. Our services cover everything that has to do with family disputes, so you won’t need to hire multiple attorneys. If you need a local family law attorney in Hauppauge, we will be a great fit for you!

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation with us will be completely free of charge. We want you to be sure we are the right family law attorney office for you before you pay us. Our first meeting will be scheduled for a full hour so we can cover all of the facts about your situation. If you are considering a divorce or separation, we will ask you about your family, work history, assets, and debts. Our goal is to provide you with information so you understand the process of how your particular issues will get resolved, as well as what we perceive a Court will decide in your particular case. Your circumstances will be assessed, so we can choose the very best strategy to suit your needs. Our commitment to listen with compassion and apply our deep knowledge of law and court procedures allows for the best outcome.

Our Process

After your complimentary initial consultation, we will continue examining your circumstances and pick a strategy that will work well for your case. We will act with a sense of urgency so you can be done with your situation as soon as possible. Whatever brings you to our firm was probably not an enjoyable or ideal experience, and we know this. Our job is to get you out of the situation quickly and help you see the best possible outcome.

Going to court raises legal fees, so we will do everything we can to reach a settlement if that is your wish. If you or the other party want to resolve the issue by going to court, we will be there with you through that process as well. We will defend you in court, offer you advice, and listen to your wishes respectfully.

Helping You Get the Best Outcome Possible

Whether it’s a custody battle, getting a divorce, or seeking an order of protection, we want to help you get the best outcome possible. As your family law attorney, Thomas will work to ensure the best possible resolution for you and your family and based on your personal needs. Thomas and his team of paralegals are dedicated to listening to your situation compassionately and representing you well.


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