No couple intends to get a divorced when they get married.

On your wedding day, the last thing that you think about is a divorce. However, conflicts can and do arise, which is why the divorce rate is so high. They say that happy couples don’t get divorced, and while there are exceptions to every rule, this one applies to most couples. The vast majority of divorces happen because of some sort of conflict, but bringing that conflict into a divorce has a way of making things messy. That’s why our family law attorney in Hauppauge has come up with this list of tips to hep you minimize the conflict in your divorce:

#1. Don’t intentionally upset your ex.

For most married couples, both spouses know how to push each other’s buttons quite well. No matter how much your ex hurts your feelings or upsets you, you shouldn’t intentionally press their buttons. This will only make matters worse.

#2. Keep alcohol out of the equation.

If you want to discuss your divorce with your ex, you should always avoid drinking alcohol while you do so. While a glass of wine or a beer may seem innocent enough, it can lead to outbursts, arguments and even physical violence under the right circumstances, so it’s best to avoid it.

#3. Seek professional assistance.

Unrealistic expectations have a way of making divorces much more complicated, and many conflicts arise because of a lack of knowledge about the responsibilities and rights each spouse has. Finding a family law attorney to support you will give you the information you need to have realistic expectations about your divorce.