Why Mediation?

In many case, using mediation instead of traditional divorce lawsuits can be benefical to both parties. Mediation is an information conflict-resolution process that involves a third-party mediator. This gives both parties the chance to discuss their problems, understand one another and ultimately find agreement without the need for a lawsuit. The mediator is a non-basis party to represent both members of the relationship and come to a cohesive conclusion. Thomas McNally excels in this area by offering his clients kindness, understanding and expertise to make things as smooth as possible. 

Our Goal For You

Our goal is to help you to come to a peaceful conclusion to your relationship without the need for litigation. While the legal system can resolve your dispute, it often can take a very big emotional and financial toll on both parties. We understand that divorce is hard enough and want to help you get your life back to normal as soon as possible. 

The Benefits Of Avoiding Divorce

Save Time

Lawsuits can take years to be processed through the juidical system. Mediation helps you avoid spending so much time to come to a resolution.

Stay Private

Many court records are open to the public. This means that your personal situation may not stay as confidential as you would like without the use of mediation.

Save Money

 With litigation, there are often many fees that can make the whole process very expensive. Mediation be a more cost-effective alternative.

Stress Less

Using mediation can relieve stress in a divorce. Both parties often leave feeling that they got something out of the agreement and now have closure.

Get The Peace-Of-Mind You Need

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